Photograph of hydroponic vegetable farm.

What is Hydroponic Farming

It’s simple: Hydroponic Farming is growing with water and not dirt.  At Inspiring Farms, we replace the soil with nutrient-rich, oxygenated clean water, so that our leafy greens soak up all of the nutrition, and none of the contaminants often found in dirt.  Our sustainable agriculture yields better products, in less time, using less of our precious natural resources.

Hand of farmer hold Hydroponics vegetabl

Fresh and Local

  • Most produce sold in the U.S. is grown on the West Coast.  Meaning what you find in the Texas Panhandle is over a week old all ready when you pick it up. 

  • Our produce is sold locally, keeping it fresher longer – giving you better flavor, and better value.

  • Choosing Inspiring Farms MicroGreens and Lettuce helps support your local community.



To ensure the highest quality microgreens we grow them when you order.  
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